Zos operating system engineer

Plan, direct and assist the zOS team members in their daily duties.
Ensure proper communications from the zOS team to all management and other teams on project status and changes.
Maintain and monitor all zOS servers for McLane.
Assist the other teams with interfaces with overall operating system as it pertains to resource utilization.
Other duties may be assigned.
A teammate in this position must have the ability to:
Direct the zOS team projects and be able to report to management the progress or delays in a timely manner.
Provide the application teams with support for the zOS environment and assist with any issues or procedures that are required to process their work.
Ensure resources on the platforms are available.
Monitor all zOS servers for performance and resource utilization to ensure availability and performance for production processes, including CPU, I/O, Memory, and disk storage.
Develop processes for the zOS servers to perform required tasks in order to keep the server running production processes in a timely and efficient manner.
Evaluate existing and new OEM software for the zOS environment to ensure the most efficient use of the budget dollars.
Train the junior administrators in the technical processes needed to monitor and maintain a Unix or Linux server.
A teammate in this position must have:
Bachelor's degree in Information Systems or related field.
10 years experience with zOS Operating systems and the hardware associated with those platforms.
Experience with zVM and zLinux.
The ability to support the overall goals of the Information Systems division in their dealings with users and vendors.

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