Boiler Plant Operator Supervisor

The Boiler Plant Operator Supervisor serves under the direction of the Chief of Operations at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System.
The primary purpose of this position is to supervise staff engaged in a multiple of trades consisting of Air Conditioning Equipment Operators and Boiler Plant Operators who operate, maintain, and repair HVAC equipment.
Additionally on other than normal tours of duty, personnel are required to perform a variety of additional repairs on electrical systems, plumbing systems, pipefitting, locks, elevators, emergency monitoring and responding to fire alarms, medical and hazardous gases, generator operation, therapy pool maintainers, structure repairer and virtually all engineering trades.
The incumbent supervises eight (8) Boiler Plant Operators (WG-5402-11), five (5) Air Conditioning Equipment Operators (WG-5415-10), and two (2) Boiler Plant Operators (WG-5402-9).
He/she serves as the subject matter expert, technical and administrative supervisor of fifteen (15) boiler, heating, ventilation, air conditioning operators, and repairers in the Operations section.
Exercises full supervisory responsibility over work operations involving maintenance, repair, modification, renovation, and new construction of various building or plant components.
Provides general instructions, standard operating procedures, sets overall priorities and policies, and establishes work operations to accomplish an adequate quantity and quality of work.
Reviews work for efficient and economical accomplishment with priorities.
Maintains adequate stock of materials needed for 24-hour a day, 365 days a year operations.
Develops, implements, and monitors routine and non-routine maintenance program.
Advises M&O issues that potentially or actually affect the work of the section or the hospital.
Ensures compliance with designated policies, procedures, and standards related to operations, environmental and personal health safely.
Contacts vendors and constructs scope of work documents to ensure all projects are completed properly.
Reviews scope of work and monitors contractor performance to ensure work is done and confirms to the contract drawings and specifications.
Occasionally acts on behalf of higher management personnel during their absence.
Work Schedule:
Incumbent works alternating shifts on a 7-day, 3-shift plan.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Boiler Plant Operator Supervisor WS-5402-8 PD# 3956-O NOTE:
First time supervisors must serve a one year probationary period.
This is a Non-Bargaining Unit Position.

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