Food Service Worker

The Food Service Worker duties and responsibilities are performed at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care in Temple, TX.
The duties of this position are performed on a regular and recurring basis.
The major duties include, but are not limited to:
o Sets up serving stations with necessary food and beverage items, dishes, flatware, and serving utensils.
o Maintain pace of trayline to facilitate service of trays during the meal serving period.
o Interprets and follows printed menus and computerized tray tickets to serve appropriate food items in correct amounts for patients on regular and modified diets.
o Serves patients from a centralized tray assembly line or in a cafeteria or dining room setting.
o Serves standardized portions of all food items and in correct quantities.
o Makes the final check of tray before it is delivered and assists other employees to ensure correct identification of patients for meal service.
o Thermalizes patient trays in correct sequence and at appropriate intervals.
o Checks each tray on every delivery cart to ensure that plates and/or bowls have thermalized properly and takes corrective action, if necessary.
o After meals have been thermalized, the incumbent checks and supplies hot beverages and/or frozen food items required for each tray.
o Checks completeness of soiled trays as they are being picked up to ensure that all serving equipment is returned from patients' rooms.
o Prepare and thermalizes trays for late meal delivery.
o Maintains the supply of frozen coffee concentrate in the coffee dispensing units and place on patients' trays in staging areas.
o Sets up the correct number of frozen desserts to be placed on each delivery cart.
o Provides annual leave relief for other employees and performs the full range of duties for these positions within established guidelines of Nutrition and Food Service.
This is a bargaining unit position.
Work Schedule:
rotating tours - Tours of duty rotate between 6:
00 a.
30 p.
and 11:
00 a.
30 p.
and rotating days off Position Description Title/PD#:
Food Service Worker/04082A

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